MR61 HORDES – Void So Serene

MR61 HORDES – Void So Serene

The newest installment in the HORDES discography, “Void So Serene” will be one to remember. Hordes, known for their melodic drone and noise pieces have taken a different approach for this new album. Still powerful, long cords and spacey melodic sounds at heart, Void So Serene seems to have a more traditional sound than improv noise. Though it still has the qualities of a noise piece, these tracks have a cohesive underlying structure. Void So Serene features 2 epic tracks that total in at just under 30 minutes! Tied together by an amazing 5 minute rock track, this release is sure to please.
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MR52 – Bert/Hordes Split Cassette

MR52 – BerT / HORDES
“Grown Long”

Side A – HORDES – “For Harley”

Side B – BerT – “DN”

“Grown Long” is a walk out in the tall weeds with BerT & Hordes as your guides. Two half hour drone pieces in two completely different veins. Hordes rip the distortion with their “For Harley” onslaught, while BerT’s field recordings & piano composition track entitled “DN” is a mellow haunting.