MR60 BerT / Triangle and Rhino Monster Book

Bert Triangle and Rhino monster book record

MR60 BerT / Triangle and Rhino
“Monster Book”

Monster Book is a Split LP with BerT and Triangle and Rhino. It’s the first time that BerT can be heard on vinyl.
Monster book not only contains a record but a cd as well with extra tracks you won’t hear on the record.
It also includes a poster and a zine that has tons of interviews from Lansing’s finest. Pick up your monster book today!
Limited to 300 records!

MR50 Bert & Triangle Rhino Album Release | Madlantis Records

MR50 – BerT / Triangle & Rhino

Junebug Magnetic North combines Triangle & Rhino & BerT’s brains into one big buttbrain. And from wence was birthed a compilation of gargantuion proportions.

A big thanks to the thing that’s what’s where’s the porn’s on… offruveit…. what?

Free download of this split/colab/thingamajig from your friends BerT & Triangle & Rhino…. a family company!