MR56 – BerT – Live Vol. 2 – Live at Everywhere

MR56 – Bert Live Vol. 2: Live at Everywhere

Previously only available on cassette.
Recorded by some dudes at some places in Michigan.
At the end of the Age of Pisces.
Bert is obviously RY, Phil and Rael.


MR66 – The Legend Of Bert – Trample The Dead

MR66 The Legend of Bert – Trample The Dead

“Trample The Dead” released in a limited edition run in conjunction with Hydro-Phonic Records. Side A is trample the dead side B is tracks from the “Stoner Boner” CD released earlier. Available on red black splatter vinyl or on cassette.


MR67 The Legend of Bert – Wall Of Bees

MR67 The Legend of Bert – Wall Of Bees

“Wall of Bees” previously released as BerT’s contribution to the Triangle and Rhino/Bert split LP titled “Monster Book” released in August of 2012. These songs were only available on that record, but now we have repackaged them onto a single ep. The physical version is available as a CDr with Screen Printed sleeve made by the Bert boys themselves.

Bert diy screen print lansing doom

Bert screenprinted back cover

MR60 BerT / Triangle and Rhino Monster Book

Bert Triangle and Rhino monster book record

MR60 BerT / Triangle and Rhino
“Monster Book”

Monster Book is a Split LP with BerT and Triangle and Rhino. It’s the first time that BerT can be heard on vinyl.
Monster book not only contains a record but a cd as well with extra tracks you won’t hear on the record.
It also includes a poster and a zine that has tons of interviews from Lansing’s finest. Pick up your monster book today!
Limited to 300 records!

MR59 – Burt, the not self titled album


MR59 – Burt, the not self titled album – The lost Bertos: Cutting a Hot Demo – Spring Fever – Stoner Boner

This is a peek into the next 3 albums due out from BerT this year. First up will be “Shithawk” due out on Hydro-Phonic records this spring. Also look for the “Monster Book” split with Triangle & Rhino, this is due out this summer with a tour to follow. Finally late in 2012 will be the Full Length from BerT titled “Return to the Electric Church”, so take a drag on this boner and keep your ears peeled for more from the bert boys!


MR54 – BerT – NEW?42


MR54 – BerT – NEW?42

This our tribute to german band NEU! Recorded in 2010 when our toes were still a bit bugdum. We remixed time and space in an effort to bring you, the listener, a more far out frolic through the cosmos. Phil said we were all like, kerchucnk, rotated to the left. I mean like we were, but to be fair so was the planet. – BERT

Limited edition run of 25 Cassette Tapes