MR115 – Namuh – Observation

MR115 – Namuh – Observation


So often within this consciousness that we share, missed are the small details in life. Hate and fear are traded with reckless abandon while holding oneself righteous and above the pain that is surrounding us. The Namuh are silent observers that have always been and always will. They visit often, curiosity guides them. They interface with our world, observe what is here, the plants, the trees and most importantly the water. What do they see, what do you see? What is in the reflection?

Limited Edition VHS for sale at

MR56 – BerT – Live Vol. 2 – Live at Everywhere

MR56 – Bert Live Vol. 2: Live at Everywhere

Previously only available on cassette.
Recorded by some dudes at some places in Michigan.
At the end of the Age of Pisces.
Bert is obviously RY, Phil and Rael.


MR66 – The Legend Of Bert – Trample The Dead

MR66 The Legend of Bert – Trample The Dead

“Trample The Dead” released in a limited edition run in conjunction with Hydro-Phonic Records. Side A is trample the dead side B is tracks from the “Stoner Boner” CD released earlier. Available on red black splatter vinyl or on cassette.


MR67 The Legend of Bert – Wall Of Bees

MR67 The Legend of Bert – Wall Of Bees

“Wall of Bees” previously released as BerT’s contribution to the Triangle and Rhino/Bert split LP titled “Monster Book” released in August of 2012. These songs were only available on that record, but now we have repackaged them onto a single ep. The physical version is available as a CDr with Screen Printed sleeve made by the Bert boys themselves.

Bert diy screen print lansing doom

Bert screenprinted back cover